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Numerical Methods in Electromagnetic















Finite Difference Method (FDM)

Finite difference approximations, Application: Transmission line capacitance, Application: Waveguide eigenvalue problems

Finite Difference Time Domain Method (FDTD)

One dimensional finite difference time domain method, The Yee algorithm, Numerical dispersion in FDTD , Source implementation in FDTD, Absorbing boundary condition (ABC),  Perfectly matched layer(PML), Modeling material dispersion, Modeling Spatial dispersion, Modeling nonlinear media, Modeling high speed electronic circuits, Modeling of antennas

Method of Moments

Commonly used basis and testing functions, Numerical integration, Solution of linear systems of equations, Extraction of circuit parameters from MoM results, Capacitance calculation, Thin wire antennas, TE/TM scattering from conducting and dielectric cylindrical structures

Variational Techniques

Calculus of variations and construction of functional, Rayleigh-Ritz procedure, Method of weighted residuals: Galerkin method, Least square method, Cut-off frequencies in arbitrary shape waveguides, microwave resonators, Characteristic impedance of transmission lines

Finite Element Method (FEM)

                    Basic steps in FEM analysis, Variational formulation of FEM, One/two dimensional FEM formulations: Galerkin and  Ritz approach,  Commonly used shape functions Numerical integration, discretization error,  FEM applied to waveguide and resonator eigenvalue problems, spurious solutions, (*) Vector FEM: edge based shape functions, Perfectly Matched Layer sorbing boundary condition







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Advanced Electromagnetics

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