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Advanced Microwave Engineering


  • Microwave circuit analysis:  Impedance and inductance matrices, Scattering parameters, Discontinuities and modal analysis, Excitation of waveguides
  • Microstrip and stripline transmission lines: Effective dielectric constant, Propagation constant, Attenuation constant, High frequency effects, Dispersion
  • Other planar transmission lines: Coupled lines, Coplanar Waveguide, Slot line, Coplanar strip, Substrate integrated waveguide (SIW)
  • Microwave resonators: Transmission line resonators, Dielectric resonators, Rectangular resonators, Circular resonators, Perturbation method for calculating the resonance frequency
  • Microwave filters:  Periodic structures, Image parameter method, Insertion loss method, Filter transformations, Richard transformation, Invertors, Stepped impedance filter, Coupled line filters, Waveguide filters
  • Linear microwave analysis: Finite difference method, Conformal mapping, Moment method Transverse resonance technique
  • Nonlinear microwave analysis: Harmonic balance method, Volterra series Method
  • Meta materials: Definition of Metamaterial (Left handed media), Experimental Demonstrations of Left-Handedness, LC Network Implementation



        Assignment 1, Assignment 2,  Assignment 3,  Assignment 4 ,  Assignment 5 , Assignment 6 



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Fields and Waves Electromagnetics

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Fall 2012

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